Friday, November 6, 2009

Life....A precious gift

Below are a couple of lines on wht I think is Life.
Life is something when u hve a day which you wonder not to end
Life is having ur friends near you just to make u smile when u r sad
Life is doing mischievious things, making ugly faces just to make others laugh
Life is realising that u made a fool of urself in the public and leaving d place scratching ur head, smiling
Life is dancing in the rain and getting scolded for that from ur Mom
Life is laughing heartily till u know u hve tears in ur eyes
Life is having a shoulder to cry on
Life is drinking beer with ur friends in a beach(had a similar experience in Goa) and doing absurd things which are memories of a lifetime
Life is smoking a cigarette early in the morning and sharing it with friends( Will miss u Dev )
Life is watching the sunrise(I saw the first sunrise in Bangalore when we were going for the trip to Jog Falls) and njoying the cool breeze in the morning
Life is watching the sunset at the Z-point(Kemmangundi Trip - Z Point) when d Sun disappears below the horizon and trying to click the perfect pic using the SLR(or atleast a Canon)

Life is eating the biggest pastry before anyone even thinks to own it(dis one is for Jyoti) and complaing dat he is 100 kilos
Life is applying oil on your head and watching a movie on an Ideal Sunday(u wake up late and u dont even take your bath)
Life is when a girl takes time to think and still makes d wrong decision(i dont know why girls cant make instant decisions)
Life is being happy for someone whom u do not know
Life is to help somebody unknown in need and to bring a smile on his face
Life is regretting something which u should hve done
Life is looking at somebody and missing a heartbeat
Life is holding her hands and walking down the lineLife is looking at HER charming eyes in the fullmoon night
Life is hearing ur beloved speak, just to hear her speak
Life is saying somebody how much u love her( i know it is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry difficult)
Life is having her head rested on your shoulder
Life is feeling secured when u r in d arms of the person u love
Life is kissing ur girl till u cant breathe
Life is holding wrinked hands even before they think that they need help
Life is travelling alone to a new destination
Life is making new friends at a new place and remembering d old ones
Life is hard very hard to live yet very simple to be described in a couple of lines

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